I am a homeschooling mom, crafting mom, & loving wife. This is the start of a new adventure. This blog will keep you posted on my journey to starting my own business with what I love to do most. Create! I am going to see where this takes me. The experts always say to do what you love most and you will be successful. Let's see if I can prove them right. Welcome to my world of crochet.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Challenge

I just discovered that I will be moving at the end of the month. So in this month I have; a daughter finishing college, my other daughter visiting with us so she can attend the graduation and party, homeschooling my son still, assisting the owner of the house we are moving to in packing and selling her possessions, and packing my house. These are all while still trying to start this business, attract customers by designing original items, and build up my inventory by crocheting each night. Who says there are no Wonder Women in existence?

My posts here will be further apart, and shorter, lol. Something has to give. I will be sure to come in here when something new happens.

Just like the new ties I designed last night. I don't like to be influenced by other products. I try not to look at something someone else has made while I make mine. This way I am not copying what is out there. Not to say it never happens. I have an item right now that I won't make anymore of. I just saw it on Etsy, the exact same look. I might have seen it some time back and liked it so well that it stuck. The one thing I don't want is to steal from someone. I will copy a concept, but the design will be mine. Other than universal items, like the sock monkeys. There is just one way to do them and have them stay true to character.

This is still an adventure for me, that I continue to enjoy. I hope that feeling never goes away!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

First Order

Heading out to the post office this morning. I am mailing my first order. This feels a little bittersweet, lol. I have a new design that I photographed, but made the decision not to post the pictures. I am going to wait for the photos to come back from the photographer. It's sort of like having a baby, but not getting to announce it yet. I am excited with the look and actually can't wait to see it on an infant. Hahahha, I better stop talking about it before I describe it in full.

I am still under the weather. Woke up this morning with a sore throat again, but I think it's more because of all the coughing. No blisters this time, just the redness. So after the post office run I am going to tuck in and doctor up. I have the grandchildren coming this weekend for a full week visit. I want to be able to play with them.

I have been emailing with Stacey at @Crafty Chicks Photography Props. She has been helping me as I figure out how to operate this business. This is something I appreciate so much. Her shop is actually a partnership with another lady and they are both military wives. They have some absolutely adorable items, and are working on new original items with theme designs right now. Definately worth checking out!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Serious Gap In Posts

Sorry for the gap since the last post. We have had a family emergency and then I caught a flu bug. When something like that happens it takes all you have just to maintain a normal day. I have managed to keep posting on my FaceBook page; and of course to check for orders. It is still a slow start.

I received my first order for a hat and am thrilled. The photographer seems so nice and is going to send a photo back when she uses the hat. For being the first person to order from me online I made something special and am including it in the package. I hope she likes it. I might even get two photos; one of her using each item.

I am having a lot of fun thinking of what to crochet. I have the basic hat bases to use and just make adjustments for them to fit what I have in mind. This past week I have been working on a few new designs for newborns. They are probably out there already made by someone, but I don't use a pattern and what I have just happens. It is what I make up as I go along to make the item resemble my idea. I hope that made sense!

I don't want to post pictures of them yet. I have a photographer lined up to use them so the first photos on here, as well as FaceBook and Etsy will be professional posing. As soon as the photos arrive I will burn up my wires posting them everywhere I can. Hahahahhah!