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Monday, June 6, 2011

Settling in!

I can't believe it's been almost a full month since my last post. My life has been full, to say the least. I am still working on getting the web store up and running. Wish I knew more of the IT stuff. My friend that is helping with it has had an overload in her life for the past month. I know she will come through for me. I just need to practice patience more. ;)

We were going to move at the end of July. Welllllll! That was escalated in hyper-drive. We moved just before the Holiday weekend. That means I completely packed our household while cleaning the new house, cleaning the old house, fixing some of the smaller repairs in both, and helping my hubby strongarm our items in the move. It's all done, and so am I. I have warned said dear hubby that the only way I will move again is if it's to my own apartment! We will eventually buy the house we moved to, I absolutely love it, along with the woman that owns it. She is truely a diamond and I am blessed to have gotten to know her. I hope for many more years to call her friend.

I have kept myself busy getting settled in the new house. But I have managed to plug away at the hat designs. Five orders were mailed out this week. And after talking to one of the photographers I have four new hats. One that she asked if I could make turned out wonderful. Just check out the dinosaur. It looks so happy, and like it wants to start talking to you. Can't wait until it circulates and I get feed-back on it.

Going to sign off and start work on another project. I have done bead work in the past and am going to blend it with some headbands. Hope it's liked.

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