I am a homeschooling mom, crafting mom, & loving wife. This is the start of a new adventure. This blog will keep you posted on my journey to starting my own business with what I love to do most. Create! I am going to see where this takes me. The experts always say to do what you love most and you will be successful. Let's see if I can prove them right. Welcome to my world of crochet.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Just Thoughts

There's been a little gap between posts. My hubby kidnapped me for the weekend and we stayed with friends on the river. Very frustrating for me because I had no advance notice, but I now know I needed the break. I will have to admit that every now and then he knows me better than I do.

I checked on my FaceBook page when I came back and my fan numbers had jumped from 39 on Saturday morning to 148 a few moments ago. That is due to the contest that I am participating in. It is building the numbers, but I have only had a handful of comments out of all the people jumping in. Not the best result from this so far. Maybe it will be different when the photos change.

I am plugging away at this; and it may seem like there is nothing happening because I have nothing new to report. That's because a lot of it now is repetitive until something happens. I have high hopes that I will have professional photographs soon. There are two photographers that I am talking to. Keep me in your prayers everyone. With the good lord behind me pushing I know this will be successful. Maybe there will be something new happening tomorrow.

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